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Things I’ve Learned About Styling Short, Naturally Curly Hair Over the Last 6 Weeks | GRWM


Hey, guys, gals, and non-binary pals!Welcome back to Kateventures.

My name's Kate and today I'm just doing a run through ofhow I've been styling and working with my hair since I got it cut as short as you seeit here, about a month and a half ago.

So, I did film like a "First day with thenew hair cut" one, but there were a lot of issues with that and I couldn't quite figureout how to use some of the things, so that's.

I was trying to edit it and that's probablynot going to happen, unless it's something that you guys want to see, in which case leavea comment down below and I might upload that later, or something.

But for right now, let'sjust get into the rest of the video.

Alright, see ya in a bit.

Right now, you're balanced on a very precarious stack of toilet paper, so we'll see how thisgoes.


I just wanted to show you guys how thehair process has evolved over the last month and a half that I've had the short hair.

So, most of the time because I have naturally curly hair, there's a bit less that I haveto do with it than if someone who has straight hair wanted to have the curly effect, obviously,but I'll go through what I've been doing, so you see what I've been doing.

So, so far all I've done is wash it.

I would suggest taking any rings off beforeyou do product though.

So, so far, I've just washed it.

When I theinitial hair cut, she was saying to put leave-in conditioner in it and because I've been sickthe last couple weeks, I haven't really been doing that so much.

So, we'll give that awhirl again.

So, what I've been using is this.

It's justthe shop brand from Floyd's 99 Barbershop.

The Refresh stuff.

And it's got a really coolingsort of effect, because.

Where is it? Oh, Ok, it's got it on the back.

Which works forthe ethnobotany side too.

So, shea butter that protects and moisturizes any damaged hair and dry skin.

Mint oils that soothe and cool the skin and scalp.

Aloe that kind of calms the frizz and everything.

And it's gluten, DEA, and paraben free, and color-safe.

So, color isn't an issue for me at the moment, but good to know.

Um, so yeah.

Their stuff's pretty good.

So, I just end up doin' like, about that much for the full everything.

You don't need all that much.

Just kind of lather it together and go.

And from what I've seen of leave-in conditioner, that's something that you cando if your hair's wet or dry.

Um, I'm just gonna hit it with the blow dryer so, I'd ratherhave it just be dried all at the same time, instead of dry it and put wet things in it.

Ya know, as ya do.

So, and just run it through and get everything in there.

It smells really nice, too, so.

Just gonna wash my hands really quick.

And I've been using the Suavecto pomade.

It's really good.

You can put it in like kind ofdamp or dry hair, so I'm gonna hold off on that for right now.

So, for the hair drying process, right? Regular hair dryer.

If you have curly hair, I highly recommendusing a diffuser that, ideally would come with the hair dryer or you would have to findone that actually fits on there which can be kind of a pain.

So, it just snaps on andthere ya go.

Because it lets the curls stay intact, instead of being like.

harsher andjust blowing everything out.

'Cause that's when you get the major frizz and it's justeverywhere and you don't want that.

So, I'm gonna insert some interesting music and probably fast-forward for a couple minutes.

See ya in a bit.

*Cue techno dance music* Just got out of the shower, so gotta clean off the mirror so I can actually see whatI'm doing.

Alright, so it's.

it's ligtly damp, rightnow.

It's not dry.

It's just kind of.


So, I'm using a regular brush and a comb,just because um, if.

*coughing break* If your hair is such that you brush it and the curl just disappears, you might wannaavoid this step, but if I brush it out and just kinda floof it up a little bit, thenthe curl comes back, for my hair, so just.

Everybody's hair's different, depending onhows.

depending on hows yours works.

I can talk today.

Depending on how yours works, this may or may not work, for what your doing.

Just keep that in mind.

And, I'm just kind of.

The mirror's right there, so yeah.

If you see me looking offcamera, that's what it is.



And, I just part it on theside, here.

So, let's see if I can do this, out of the corner of my eye.

Ah! *combing sounds* Alright.

Yeah, that's a look right there.

And, it's.

it's just like slightly damp and more in the back than in the front, but I would suggest waiting until it's fairly dry because it's.

it's kind of.

Where is it? *checking ingredients* It's like beeswax and some other stuff (reference to the pomade).

It smells really nice though.

Um, but it's not something that you want to like have in when it's WET and then you're going to DRY your hair, you know.

It's not recommended (melting and messing with the end result, because wax).

And just take a little bit, not much, because I still want it to be all flexible and stuff and whatever, and then you just run your hands through it and.

because I Iike the back to be kind of mostly flat and stuff, so just kind of do that.

And through here and stuff and that's doin' its thing.

That's a look and a half.


Now, washing hands again.

*Cue awesome techno music again* And you see what it's doing here? With the curls? That's what I was saying about for my hair I can brush it straight and do stuff to it and it just kind of comes back, as long as it's still kinda damp.

Uh, mostly that's just been since it was cut shorter, but the little fly-away bits have always kinda done that, so.

Continuing on.

*Cue fab techno dance music* Just as a thing, I've noticed that if you kind of just.

Just kind of.

How to word? If you just kind of grab the curl bits and gently, like lift it up so that you can get to the wet bits that are on the bottom there, um, it's less harsh on the curl shape, if you will.

And it's.

It's like you're protecting that part of it and still getting the roots dry.

'Cause it gets cold, when it gets cold, and stuff.

Something to keep in mind.

*Back to techno dance tunes* Just a point of interest: when I'm using my hair dryer, if you see here, I've got it on the "Warm" setting and I just have it on the "Low".

it's not high, it's just kind of.

warm breeze kind of effect, if you will.

So, just set that one there, for now.

Also, I don't wash my hair every day.

I usually wash it every two or three days, ideally.

Um, but I only do the leave-in conditioner/pomade combo on the day that I wash it because everything else is washed out and if you don't wash it, then the wax and the conditioner is still in there, so if you do it again the next day, it just kind of builds on itself and it gets greasy and REALLY stable.

*Laughs* Um, so for that, because the curls behave as they do, I usually just kind of wet my hands a little bit and run it through and re-style it.

Because, that, again, works for me and how the do.


But, after it's been all floofy like this, just kind of take the comb, again, wherever you need your part to– *clatter sounds* Oookay.

Hair dryer tryn' to make break for it.

*Sighs* Comin' down the back.

Comb the side.

*hair scrunching noises And, honestly, no two rounds of this end up looking exactly the same, 'cause it's a *dramatic voice* Dynamic Thing, of.

hair doing what it wants to do, let's be honest.

Um, but I usually just kind of– *hair dryer falls again, making weird sounds* Hair dryer's just fallin' everywhere today.

I usually just run my hands through the sides, because the middle bit is longer, especially if you've seen the original hair cutting video.

The middle bit is longer than the sides, right now.

So, I just kind of run my hands in the under bit and make sure that it's not gonna be.

like, IN my face, and– Alright, so we'll switch to the phone, because the regular camera battery died.

Um, so yeah.

Just make sure that the hair's not gonna be fully in my face and call it a day.

*Cue necessary post-shot image with fab techno tunes* Alright, so, thanks for watching, guys! Um, the last video I did is gonna be over here.

Something YouTube thinks you might like is gonna be over here.

My other channel where I do plants is up here.

And if you want to subscribe to this channel, there's a little icon here, or you can hit down in the.


Down in the description, riiight there, and if you hit that, you can select the bell icon next to it.

whichever side it is.

Have a good day, guys! See ya later.


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