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Why the aesthetic operations in the past seem so much nicer to us


As you know, medicine has made an incredible improvement from the past to the present. This development has also been reflected in aesthetic operations, of course, and we are not exaggerated if we say that a new human being was created almost from scratch. We think that this area is a much better example in the past, even though it has always been advanced with the facilities provided by technology. We think the reason is that as medicine evolves, the demands are increasing at the same level, and no one is worthy of it. The demands are often to be like someone different. Maybe that’s why the aesthetic operations in the past seem so much nicer to us. What do you think?

Modern aesthetic operations began to evolve after the war in the ‘ 20s. In the 50s, the golden years of plastic surgery went into history. In fact, the demands of people who use aesthetic operations change. In fact, in terms of aesthetics, there is no way to compare today’s technology with the past. But the demands have changed so much that there is no sense in finding the crime in plastic surgery.

1-Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most beautiful women in the world, is truly one of the most magnificent examples of plastic surgery. Many of you are sure you didn’t even know it was aesthetic, did you? That’s where the secret is. Now, when we look at people’s faces, we can choose where aesthetics are natural.

2-The author of the Heart

The wonderful beauty of the author, even today, is talking about. We also liked the aestheticess of itself, but the aesthetic is never looking for Hollywood stars, is it? If you ask us, it is much more beautiful than most women who have been in the Institute of Aesthetics these days. Didn’t your eyes Dazzde?

3-Turkan Şoray

Turkan Şoray’s change is not believed in us. If you are unaware of the aesthetic operation in Turkan Şoray, we are confident you are very surprised. When you step on the screen, it’s one of the names of the aesthetic operation. We’re not against plastic surgery, but we are for naturality. We’re going to smoke more when we can’t distinguish whether you’ve had plastic surgery.

4-Filiz Akin

One of the names that surprises us most, is the legendary Filiz akin to the language, which marks the beauty of a period. Filiz Akın, who did not hide the aesthetic operation, said that the film proposals that came to him after the rhinoplasty was increased.

5-Emel Sayın

It is a beautiful woman who has no need to ask us if she is the only beauty that is beautiful. But we’d like to ask, would it be such a tiny operation if there was a cosmetic operation done in 2019? We don’t think so. Well that’s just as far as it is.

6-Fatma Girik

Another name that we think does not need aesthetics is Fatma Girik. Just like Emel Sayın, she’s just a beauty with aesthetics. We’re the sea that makes your eyes a little more prominent, but still doesn’t need it.

7-Ajda Pekkan

Of course, we will not count all the operations he has spent so far, but not to mention Ajda Pekkan under this title. Whether it’s plastic operations or not, we can’t go through it without saying we love each other.

The interesting and beautiful part of the job was that, at that time, aesthetic operations were much more natural and much simpler than ever. When you look today

The perception of beauty is definitely not to be terminated by plastic surgery, but even the iconic beauties have doctors who have entrusted themselves. What we’re trying to say is. If you really want to apply for plastic surgery, we recommend that you at least get a look at the borderline of naturalness, which will really suit yourself.

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