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Graduation Ceremony Style Trends | | Darkhair Blog


While your dress and accessories are ready, you may need support for your hair and makeup to complement your style.

You have selected the most fashionable products of the year and prepared your dress, you have completed a combination of shoes, bags and jewelry you like. All you need to make a great entrance is your hair and makeup that complement your style. We’ve compiled our gallery to emphasize your style. Don’t go to your graduation without a peek.

  1. For those who prefer simplicity: Beach wave and ribbon

If you are going to attend your graduation with a long, monochrome and deep back satin dress, which is a model that will stamp in summer 2019, you can complement your style with this natural hairstyle and natural-looking makeup. This model will not spoil you all night, and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of your style.

With the Element Wag curling iron You can make your hair on this special night yourself. Element Wag Curling Iron

  1. Classic and dynamic: straight and messy ponytail

The back and cleavage will be the most preferable of their graduation outfit. If you have such a preference, you may need to go on a path of differentiation with your hair and makeup. This ponytail model, consisting of two different textures, will emphasize your effortless elegance and add sympathy to your ambitious outfit. It is also suitable for curly hair…

To obtain the texture At the end of the ponytail Wella e Shape Control extra Strong forming foam can use.

  1. Let it be messy!: Natural wave

This model, which is referred to as Blake Lively, looks like it will continue to be fashionable every semester thanks to him again. If you have healthy and well-maintained hair, you can use it without hesitation, this model is the favorite of the most popular trends in the last period, such as Street style and Boho.

If your hair is not sufficiently groomed and you are worried about going out before the end of the night, the latrine is not late. Kerastase Volumifique Spray Protective Volume spray You can eliminate this problem.

  1. Minimalist and Flashy: braided knots – Braided scattered hair

That’s the whole point of gathering or not gathering! We love and Count Boho. However, on a special day, we can use our choice to build and collect this style a bit. The representation of innocence is the bravery, the elegance of the scattered ball, the model of the open hair, also adds timeless elegance. No matter what your outfit is, you can double the effect of your outfit by completing your style with this ambitious model.

After using this model to require plenty of spray, you can also breathe in your hair with Orofluido Argan care mask.

Orofluido Argan Care Mask

  1. French breeze: Messy but tidy

It’s a French style to collect by rotating the hair. Adaptable this style to the ball is also a product of Boho aesthetics. Classic submissions are a unique example of French style. He thinks it’s a very accurate style to celebrate the school discipline, and when using this model, we recommend adding a hair accessory that suits your outfit.

You can use Milk Shake Glistening Argan Care Oil to keep your glow from disappearing, and move your French style into scattered hair.

Milk Shake Glistening Argan Care Oil

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